Milano Design Week – Light4 @Euroluce
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“Interiors of tomorrow” is the recurrent theme chosen for the 52nd edition of the Saloni exhibition where Milan became the focus of world attention. Not just design; the city became an expression of all the current trends and possible future scenarios. The numbers speak for themselves, with a total of 324,093 visitors from 160 countries. However these figures represent only a small part of the pulsating atmosphere, the energy and the absence of spatial boundaries of the fair both inside and out. Euroluce’s key word is innovation, which can be likened to words such as “work” as an idea of a space that follows the flow of activities and people: this is also the spirit with which we were present at Euroluce. Furnishings and lighting may have been the framework, but we placed our visitors centre stage with a clear message of welcome: make our stand your space!

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