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SCRIPTA writing desk

A contemporary take on the writing desk: a timeless classic revised through a sober, measured modernity. Sinuous and flawless shapes, without cutting, give life to an almost anthropomorphous outline, both whimsical and fantastic. The slender legs, in brass colored steel, flowing uninterrupted into the leather-covered top, add to the perception of its imaginary, fairytale aspect: the writing desk becomes almost a “quadruped”, ready to step into our fantasies. With its compact size (130 cm x 70 cm) the Luca Scacchetti-designed writing desk elegantly and discreetly blends into any domestic or professional ambient: a study, the reading corner of a library, as well as a bedroom, where it becomes an exquisite petineuse (dressing table). The linear and composite design, seducing and contemporary, manages to combine essentiality of lines, lightness and material. The use of leather, glued and hand-sewn on the whole aluminum frame, guarantees durability and gives it a charme that grows as the material grows old. The Scripta writing desk express functionality and aesthetics with a clean and minimal style, while being at the same time glamour and refined, and expresses the authentically bespoke mood of all Contempo products.


Design by Antonio Pio Saracino

Hexa is a hexagonal armchair, with a geometric and rigorous design, offering an unexpected comfort. In Numerology, the number 6 symbolizes harmony and beauty: it represents the perfect balance and absolute love.

Thanks to its ergonomic shapes, Hexa comfortably suits any physique: an hexagonal radial, made of six petals blossoming out of a hollow central nucleus, accommodates the seat and backrest which open like a delicate flower, offering relax and comfort. Each petal is upholstered and covered in leather or fabric on both sides: Hexa is elegant and sophisticated, any way you look at it.

The frame is a  hexagonal-shaped chassis in stainless steel, welded to the geometric tubular legs of the seat. It is available in a shiny metal with brushed finish, brass and lacquered metal.

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