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Flamant Projects - Guesthouse Eikeneset Herregaard
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Eikeneset Herregard is a 7-bedroom holiday guesthouse, situated in the Norwegian village Strandebarm in the midst of the fjords of the wider Bergen area. The cottage received a thorough renovation and was entirely furbished with Flamant furniture, while the walls were finished with gentle shades from the Flamant paint collection, in line with the ease of the surroundings.

The house is owned by Manuela Martens, co-owner of Bergen home boutique Decoroom, a long time distributor of Flamant. When she purchased the house she envisioned an elegant guesthouse in Flamant style: “We fell in love with this mansion and its unique view over the fjord and valley. We stripped down every room of the house and created a unique family getaway. The original fireplace was restored to its former glory and is now the heart of the guesthouse.” Around the mansion a stunning landscaped garden of 25 000 m² blends in flawlessly with the grand Nordic landscape.

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